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METS improves visibility of asset utilization, streamlines efficiency and responsiveness

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Welcome to METS
Material Estimation and Tracking System

Success of a project relies on extensive Control & monitoring of material in addition to a well documented Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) & Bill of Quantities (BoQ). At initiation of project a well documented WBS and/or BoQ gives a comprehensive control and monitoring on project. However, as execution gains momentum it becomes cumbersome to control and monitor, especially when there are change controls. A tool which gives extensive and continuous control and monitoring of projects along with a well documented WBS/BoQ is desired by Organizations.

METS is an application with all the right tools and information, an organization needs to build and maintain WBS, BoQ, Work Orders and various transactions related to projects. Extended validation and authorization for approvals of various business processes is integral in METS, this gives an extensive and continuous control and monitoring on Projects. It also has tools to perform on-demand analysis, get status and deviations of the project and assist the team in taking prompt, reliable and accurate decisions.

Deliveries, purchases, goods receipts, invoices and work orders are all validated against Project BoQ estimated quantity and price. This ensures continuous monitoring on projects and by setting limitation on approval processes will give an extended control. In addition to validations and limitations there are various tools to perform on demand analysis like PO variance, Project Quantity variance, Price variance etc which enhances effective project management.

METS improves visibility of asset utilization, streamlines efficiency and responsiveness.

In short, METS leads to "Overall Growth of the Organization"

Lines of Code 120K Hours in Development 2000+ Happy Clients 50+ Counting..

Key Features

Cloud Based Application

Web based service oriented application which support multi users and multi organizations.

Powerful Admin Panel

Which lets you to set who can access what, set approval limits & authorizations to customize reports for users.


Users screens are customizable and can be saved as their personal preferences. METS also allows reports customization.

Import - Export

Import BoQ from Excel. Export data to Excel.


It is an enterprise application which can be used for Multiple Organizations / Users / Currency.

Task Segregation

Simplified work by breaking-down task - subtask structure, segregation & hierarchical analysis.


Customizable Reports. Export reports to various formats. Organize & communicate effectively.

User Friendly

Intuitive screens. User specific customization. Context sensitive help docs.

Flexible Data Handling

Attach Drawings. Export/Import to Excel. Signature Auto Print.


Cost of ownership. IT knowledge. Light on budget.

Improve Efficiency With METS.

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